Mask Collective – Think tank session Platoon


The Mask Collective is organizing, together with PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, an event dedicated to Festima, the biggest African mask festival in Burkina Faso and Paris on 1st and 2nd of march.

The goal is to connect mask creators from around the world: traditional mask societies from Africa, theater mask makers from France, contemporary artists in Berlin and many more.

We are looking for artists working with masks to take part in that global mask project that will travel around the world!

A presentation of the project and a mask creation workshop will be held on friday 17th of january at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE from 16:00 to 20:30.

Find more information here.


THINK TANK sessions is a gathering of open minded creatives, with particular interest in creative coding, interactive technologies, AV, physical computing, visual programming, creating apps, hacking, circuit bending, etc.